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The Art of Not Being Invested

Have you every found yourself, caring a little too much? Or, trying to take on the world and it seems like you’re the only one in the battle. You, and you alone taking on battles for people that does not care to take on the fight with you? What about taking on challenges that had nothing to do with you? But because you feel empowered to speak up for the cause, you become invested. Only to be left feeling depleted and confused? Or what about not having chill? It’s always 0-100, with little in between. Well, I’m here to help because this is where the art of not being invested comes into play.

Not quite being unbothered-

Is not being invested just another way of not being bothered or #unbothered? Well, not quite. I looked up the meaning of not being bothered means – (ref.

Slang. indifferent to criticism or negative comments; not annoyed or provoked

With that being said, not being invested means in addition to not being annoyed, provoked, or bothered. You would take that energy that would have been wasted unnecessarily, into taking a step back to reevaluate that situation. Reevaluating the situation to where you come out on top, or there is always a small win for yourself.

Let me give an example, you look back at some old pictures of yourself from a few years ago. In reflecting on those old photos, you can definitely notice that you have put on some weight. With that, it stirs up a whole campaign of emotions that your self-esteem and eating habits usually takes the first blows. With the beauty of not being invested, you would look at those photos, and appreciate yourself then as well as in your current state.

Another example would be not feeling good enough. When it comes to having the whole package its checks all the way down the list. Then you apply for a job(s) with no return calls. Or you get into a relationship (situationship) that you can’t be at your full potential because that person does not value you at your best. Not being invested empowers you to be your best. If it does not fit you must throw that $#!+ in the trash! If jobs do not call back, create a job for yourself. If that relationship is lowering your self-esteem, lower that relationship to the trash and pick yourself up.

Putting Value to your energy

As a woman, being black, in my 30’s, a single mother, and being single. I can whole heartedly say, that I have invested my energy into a lot of pointlessness. I can give a full assessment of time wasted and how to, as U.S. Representative Maxine Water puts it, reclaim my time.

Not being invested puts value to your energy. That energy is not wasted, but it is invested into something that is more important. Not being invested is empowering. Not being invested means less stress. Not being invested means becoming the best version of yourself. Not being invested simply means I truly can’t be invested #icantbeinvested!

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